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Canada is the world’s most multicultural society. In the 21st century Canada is often characterized as being "very progressive, diverse, and multicultural". Immigration has played an integral part in the development of multiculturalism within Canada. The number of people who are becoming immigrants is steadily increasing as seen between 2008 and 2019, the number of foreign-born people increased by 18.6%.
GH Immigration consultancy Inc. is founded by Gurinderjit Garcha and Harshpreet Singh. Gurinder and Harsh are both Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant, registered and licensed member of the ICCRC (Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council) in good standing and a proud member of Canadian Association of Professional Immigration Consultants.
The Canadian federal and provincial governments are constantly updating their programs to ensure that Canadian immigration is successful, both for newcomers and for Canada. With many options to choose from, highly skilled GH Immigration team can help you determine what your best options are for Canada immigration. We have the experience and knowledge of the Canadian business environment and complex Canadian Immigration Laws and are in a strong position to present your case more professionally and accurately.
Our firm is located in GTA and GHA and our areas of specialization are: Express Entry Program, Provincial Nomination programs, Family sponsorship programs and also various types of temporary residence programs such as Visitor visa, study permit and work permit.
GH Immigration goes above and beyond to manage case files for clients, and ensure that your visa case is handled with the upmost care. With thousands of satisfied clients served, we know how to get the job done. People know us for:

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Express Entry

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Individuals and families around the world can immigrate to Canada within just a few months through the Express Entry immigration selection system. Express Entry, first introduced in 2015, has become the main driver of skilled worker immigration to Canada and one of the most popular immigration systems globally.
Express Entry is an application management system used by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) to manage and process applications received through three of Canada’s federal economic immigration programs for skilled workers.
Express Entry is a competitive immigration system, ranking all eligible candidates against one another and then inviting the best ranking candidates to apply for Canadian permanent resident status. Candidates are ranked against one another based on their age, education, language proficiency, work experience, and other factors.
Under Express Entry, individuals and families wishing to settle in Canada can become new permanent residents within just a few months.

Provincial Nomination Programs (PNP)

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Although the federal government is in charge of Immigration for Canada (with certain exceptions in relation to Quebec) the government allows the provinces the ability to “nominate” people they wish to come to settle in their province. These programs are called PNP or “Provincial Nominee Programs”.
There are different sAlthough the federal government is in charge of Immigration for Canada (with certain exceptions in relation to Quebec) the government allows the provinces the ability to “nominate” people they wish to come to settle in their province. These programs are called PNP or “Provincial Nominee Programs”.
There are different streams in these programs and some provinces have family support streams where they allow family members to sponsor people, as long as they can provide them support. The process can open up different options but has some added steps and approvals at the provincial level.

Program Requirements

These programs are constantly changing and are different for each province. As such we have chosen not to list the requirements here as they are very specific and the information is quite dynamic in that it changes regularly.

Family Sponsorship

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The laws of Canada that govern immigration make it a main priority to ensure that families are united and as such, this class allows for people who are citizens of Canada or Permanent Residents (PR) to sponsor their parents or grandparents as long as they can prove their relationship and meet the requirements as laid out by the government.
Please Note: This program reached its capacity very quickly and the number of spots fluctuate. The program opens at the beginning of each year and you should plan ahead should you wish to take part. However, as an alternative, the government of Canada has extended a Super Visa, so families can travel freely and be with their children.

Program Requirements

It is important to satisfy all of the requirements under this program and as such the person who wishes to sponsor a Parent or Grandparent must:
Be a Canadian Citizen or a Permanent Resident of Canada.
Be willing to sign an agreement with the government that they are will to undertake the Sponsorship for 20 years and be responsible for all of the financial concerns of the sponsored.
Meet the minimum financial obligations required by the government of Canada.

Spousal Sponsorship

The laws of Canada that govern immigration make it a main priority to ensure that families are united and as such this class allows for people who are citizens of Canada or Permanent Residents (P.R.) to sponsor their spouse or partner as long as they meet the requirements as laid out by the government. There are three (3) main categories of Spouse/Partnership relationships which are defined by the Canadian Government:
Spouse: Someone who you are legally married to in either Canada or in another country and are compliant with the law of the country where the marriage took place. This can also extend to a same-sex spouse as this is recognized under Canadian law.
Common Law Partner: This can either be a member of the opposite sex or of the same sex but what is important is that it is shown that you and your partner have been living in a conjugal relationship for at least one year (12 months) continuously.
Conjugal Partner: This can refer to a member of the same sex or of the opposite sex who are in exceptional circumstances beyond their control that do not allow them to qualify as a common law partner or a spouse by living together. This is a relationship that is more than physical and it is characterized by a level of permanence and commitment where the 2 individuals rely on each other.
The process to sponsor under each of the noted categories above is relatively similar for each category.

Program Requirements

It is important to satisfy all of the requirements under this program and as such the person who wishes to sponsor a Spouse / Partner must:
Be a Canadian Citizen or a Permanent Resident of Canada and at least 18 years of age.
Be willing to sign an agreement with the government that as a sponsor they are financially responsible for the sponsored and any dependents for a period of 3 years after entering as a PRand upwards of 10 years for the dependents.
Be able to show a legal marriage in either Canada or under the laws of the jurisdiction that it was carried out in.
In the case of a Conjugal or Common Law Partner, evidence must be shown of a dependent relationship for a minimum of 1 year.
Lastly, regulations have been introduced by the Canadian Government to deter fraud in the form of “Marriages of Convenience” for people who have been married for less than 2 years and have no children. If this is you then the process remains the same but there are additional requirements where the people must remain together for a minimum of 2 years and also limits will be placed on the number of people who can be sponsored.

Study Permit

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More than 130,000 students come to study in Canada every year. Study permit is a temporary resident visa that allows an international student to study in Canada for a limited period of time. If the length of program you wish to study in is less than 6 months, then there is no requirement to apply for Study permit, however for all programs of duration more than 6 months a student will require approved study permit.
There are millions of students in the world who dream about being accepted into Canadian colleges or universities and get a study permit. Once you’ve decided what to study, you need to consider entry dates, application deadlines, student visa processing times and English language requirements.
1. Be able to convince the visa officer that you will honor the terms of temporary resident permit (study permit) and will leave the country once the study is complete
2. You are required to have a letter of acceptance from a Designated learning institution in order to submit an application for a study permit;
3. Proof of financial resources to pay for tuition fees and living expenses for yourself and accompanying family members.
4. Police clearance
5. Not be a risk to the security of Canada
6. Be in good health (complete a medical examination, if required)
Students are allowed to work 20 hours a week off campus during college semester and full time in holidays if you:
1. have a valid study permit.
2. are a full-time student at a designated learning institution (DLI).
3. have started studying.
4. are in a program that leads to a degree, diploma or certificate and is at least six months long.
5. have a Social Insurance Number (SIN).

Work permit

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The skilled people who want to migrate have to apply for Skilled migration visa that is generally based on the skills or education background of the applicant. The visa helps to target the skilled people who want to make their career in different countries and like to make contribution in that country’s economy. To meet up for the application, the candidates undergoes certain point tests and it is important to qualify for a skilled permanent resident policy.
The skilled people are assessed on the basis of AGE, OCCUPATION and language like ENGLISH. The applicant may also apply by giving the proof of their relative who is the native in the country, by issuing their proof ids and status. The skilled applicant also requires medicinal checks before the permanent residential visa is not approved. The skilled applicants have the legacy for permanent resident for specified no. of years and then can be a citizen of that country.

Visitor/Super Visa

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If you want to come to Canada as a tourist or visit your family and friends you are required to apply for Temporary Resident Visa, unless you are from a visa exempt country (example USA). Visitor visa application can be filed online or on paper. The processing times vary based on the method chosen to file the application.
We at GH Immigration Services have helped hundreds of our clients to make their dream to visit Canada successful. Looking online, it might seem easier to file the Visitor Visa application on your own, however there is a higher risk of getting a refusal from Canadian immigration if the application is filed without seeking professional help.
We also specialize in getting you an approval even if your visitor visa application was refused number of times in past!
Main documents required to file TRV application:
1. Letter of sponsorship from the inviter (if any).
2. Identification documents such as Passport.
3. Proof that you will come back after your visit is over.
4. Proof of funds.


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Canadian government has issued a special Visa to Parents and Grandparents of Canadian citizens or Permanent Residents which allows them to stay in Canada for extended period of time. Supervisa allows the applicants to stay in Canada for upto 2 years at a time and is a multiple entry visa.
How does the parent and grandparent super visa differ from a visitor visa?
Currently, most visitors to Canada may visit for up to six months when they first enter Canada. Visitors who wish to stay longer must apply for an extension and pay a new fee.
With the parent and grandparent super visa, eligible parents and grandparents can visit family in Canada for up to two years without the need to renew their status.
The Super Visa is a multi-entry visa that provides multiple entries for a period up to 10 years. The key difference is that the Super Visa allows an individual to stay for up to two years on initial entry into Canada, while a 10-year multiple entry visa would only have a status period for each entry of six months only.
Eligibility requirements:
1. Host has to meet Low income cut off.
2. Medical admissibility.
3. Medical Insurance.

Our Team

Our team of licenced and experienced ICCRC consultants is focused on getting you to your goal. Each application has numerous details that require attention and our experienced staff has great awareness and understanding of how to prepare your materials properly, professionally and ethically. We take satisfaction when you obtain the result you have been seeking.

Harshpreet Singh

Harsh is a Graduate of Humber College’s Immigration Practitioner Program. He is a member of the Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council ICCRC which is the national regulatory authority designated by the Government of Canada to safeguard consumers who seek and retain the services of Canadian Immigration Consultants.He is the founder and president of GH Immigration. He is also having a Masters of Engineering degree from University of Windsor. He has worked for leading companies for more than 10 years in technical and management roles before establishing GH Immigration consulting practice, which continues to grow and provide immigration guidance and assistance to the clients worldwide. He is actively serving the clients with immigration needs and deal in Family and Economic Class applications, works closely with work permit, attends Appeals and Admissibility hearings at all immigration tribunals, and responds to all challenges from Canadian Immigration. His goal is to offer clients with right and honest advice, which will help them in better decision making.

Gurinderjit Garcha

Gurinder is a principal partner at GH Immigration and a Licensed ICCRC consultant. Gurinder came to Canada as an international student after completing his bachelor’s in engineering. He graduated from Humber College and become an ICCRC. He has worked with top Canadian Technology companies for over 10 years in technical and management positions. Given the opportunities Canada provides to Immigrants, Gurinder made this his vision to help immigration seekers in settling down in Canada and bring families together. This is when GH Immigration came into picture. Few words that describe him are straightforward, knowledgeable and honest. Gurinder is proactive and specializes in Pilot Programs across Canada and Express Entry. He likes to handle difficult cases with rejections such as spousal sponsorship appeals, admissibility hearings and LMIAs. His out of box thinking makes him a perfect fit for clients who seek immediate attention and solutions.

Syed Iqbal Hossain

South Asian Public Relations Coordinator

Syed Iqbal Hossain holds a M.A L.L. B degree from B.Z. University, Pakistan. He has worked with well-known Pakistani and Canadian companies for over 15 years. He has vast experience in Developing and Managing various businesses which includes Immigration, Real Estate and Retail. He is also an Immigration Consultant Program Graduate from Anderson College, Toronto. His expertise is focused on International Relations, Communications and Account Management. Iqbal is trilingual (Urdu/English/Punjabi) and has the skills to interpret, translate, and coordinate communications effectively and efficiently.

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